Plant & Algae Guide

Submersed Aquatic Plant and Algae Guide

For a fisherman, the privilege of being on a pretty lake or pond is worth its weight in gold. So, it’s easy to understand why the sight of a small lake or pond covered in algae or overgrown with submerged weeds is downright UGLY!!!!!
First-rate Aquatic Plant Management is the goal of all water resource managers. Invasive aquatic plants present a challenge to all water users, as well as resource managers. These plants include hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil and curlyleaf pondweed, to name a few.
UPI has the resources you need! Click on the link below to download our Submersed Aquatic Plant and Algae Guide, which features both submersed aquatic plants and algae that are commonly found in much of the country. UPI provides aquatic herbicides and algicides that are not toxic to humans or fish when used according to the label. These products are designed to interfere with PLANT processes and therefore have no impact on fish or humans—which is great news for any fisherman out to catch trophy fish.

Download the plant and algae guide here